This three look collection takes the Old Testament story of Judith, who beheads the emil warlord Holofernes, and uses it as a catayst to channel my feelings about the current political climate. 
For this collection I used contemporary social signifiers like political buttons, wire coat hangers, and punk rock screwback spikes in combination with the shapes, textures, and colors I found in depictions of Judith throughout the Renaissance and beyond. Combining historically based silhouettes and the punk aesthetics and material manipulations inspired by my mother who is my biggest living inspiration and who taught me how to be a strong intersectoinal feminist. 
I also tried to expand my research and use other mytholigy and direct quotes from our new POTUS to inspire the three looks. Look one “I Dare You To Grab Me By The Pussy” is a direct nod to words uttered by Mr. Trump. Look two incorperates the mythology of Vagina Dentata (a toothed vagina) and most ponientely, my version od Holofernes’ decapitated head. A Trump head handbag. Look three has its focus on an embelished “RESIST”, a word driving protesters to never give up on the fight. 

So all and all the historical and contemporary come together to create an army of badass femmes ready to cut off the head of anyone who stands in their way. 

Fashion + Garment

Garments designed and created by Isabella Blumberg-Emmerich 

Fiber + Textiles

Fiber and Textile work by Isabella Blumberg-Emmerich 


Costumes designed and made by Isabella Blumberg-Emmerich 

Works On Paper

Paper work by Isabella Blumberg-Emmerich